Age difference between couples astrology

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The following kutas should be considered while deciding the marriage they are. Rasi on account of these kutas total upto 36 points , it is very rare to see marriages between such compatible stars. However an average of 18 points and above makes the marriage work. This is for the unintelligent.

Age difference between couples - Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) -

Intelligent must think and come to conclusion that while one cannot be completely happy with a woman he lives with , if he choose to count every virtue in her to his advantage , one must learn to live with the inabilities of the person we are destined to marry. Its true the mind is never under control to decide these issues when it comes to marriage. The great Dushyant when he saw Shakuntala , he had unusual wave of passion. The whole day during his shikar his mind could not move away from the sight of the beautiful Shakuntala , but his conscience was teasing him to be a unworthy man.

To ascertain he goes to her maid and asks her the caste of the Girl from whom he is unable to take off his eyes , Priyamvada consoles him by assuring that she is a Kshatriya lass girl born of Vishwamitra and Menaka. When Shantanu meets YojanaGandha and is totally shaken by her beauty , he repeatedly thinks why is it that his steadfast mind wandering towards her beauty and captivating body fragrance that spread to a 8 miles in periphery. Shantanu was a yogi of highest kind , he had the power to die at will , He was the only blessed Man on the earth to have a wife from Devaloka retaining Devata body , all others had to forego deva body and acquire human body.

Astroanalysis , Astrology and purana , Bhavas , Jyotish , people and astrology , stars , yogas. In stree jataka[female horoscopy] ,the planet in the seventh navamsa or the lord of seventh navamsha decides the quality of the Husband.


Shiva said woman cannot be born as Man ,however he gave her a boon to become the cause of death of Bheeshma. She insisted she wanted to become Man. Shiva said she would be assisted in becoming Man. Drupad prayed Lord Shiva for a son, soon Shiva appeared and said a son would be born.

So he raised the girl child as a male ,he dressed her like a man and even taught her all the warfare and named as Shikhandi. When the child came of age , it was decided to marry the Prince[ss]. Shikhandi fearing insult to her Father that night went deep into the forest ,deciding never to return. As she was contemplating suicide with heavy sobbing and cursing her destiny. Tumbur[ Gandharva ] was passing by ,He was cursed by the rishi to become a woman. He was also unhappy. But seeing the plight of the Shikhandi , he offered, He would lend his body [male] to her.

So Tumbur offered to control her body and she be just present in it[ Tumbur offered to be present in the manner devils possess the human body]. Thus overnight Shikhandi acquired a Male body , she would desire , Tumbur would carry it out for her. She came back to palace , During Angapariksha , In laws were very happy to see a man for her daughter ,They scolded her for unusually doubting the groom[handsome gandharva].

Age difference in relationship causing problems Find Love with Astrology

Drupad thanked Shiva for a great miracle and happy to see his faith in Shiva honoured. Astrology and purana , Bhavas , Daiva vs Purushartha - can destiny be changed? Bheemasena was the first to marry among Pandavas. He married even before Yudhisthira although Yudhisthira was elder , Vedvyasa appeared and urged Bheemasena to marry Hidimbi [mother of Ghatotkach].

Arjun initially refused but later after repeated requests obliged and Iravant was born. As he was born to a widow , he was exterminated from the land of Nagas , Ulupi raised him in Devaloka. Iravant fought bravely in Mahabharata , while fighting Alamban both used maya to counter each other , at one stage Iravant tooka a form of a huge snake covering entire battle field and challenged Alamban , Alamban then took a form of huge Garuda and killed him.

Ghatotkacha killed Alamban to avenge his brothers death. Astroanalysis , Astrology and purana , Bhavas , Rasi , yogas. Search: Go! ATM- Astrology telling machine. Chiraan's Astrology. Guest Page!! Tatva sanshaya…. Hitherto Unknown Secrets! Then we see many people calmouring after women folks to marry them.

Parents of eligible girls flock around to get a suitable match for their daughters. In the process many seems to be strongly opining their likes and dislikes wrt each groom or bride. If marriages were to be made in heaven , does this not seem to be a superflous exercise? Just wait for a right right time and the prospective people would be married? Do we believe in it?

The Astrology of Relationships with Age Gaps

If marriages are made in heaven then why at all we see a break in a marriage? If marriages are made in heaven why one goes through so much of grind in identifying prospective groom or bride. Even after horoscopes dont match people marry Some elope to marry some suffer in marriage some elate in marriage Some marry to be happy ever after!!!

Astrology does have answers to all this……………..?

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Share this: Twitter Facebook Print Email. Like this: Like Loading Category: Jyotish. For the greats and devotees of Vishnu even curse is a great source of sadhana. Category: Astrology and purana. If 7th lord 7th house and venus are strong and aspected by jupiter one gets devoted wife. Your Tapasya has no meaning One whose mother is suffering with pain and unhappiness [dukha] ,his life is utterly a waste and purposeless. So you immediately go back to your mother and take care of her. This is only the greatest dharma and tapasya for you. Category: Bhavas , karma , people and astrology.

Lord of the rashi tenanted by second lord in rashi , if its lord in shastiamsha is exalted and itself in gopuramsa then one will marry wives. ShriKrishna had wives ,He remained on the earth for years. ShriKrishna had 10 sons and 1 daughter from each of his wives.

Good News: Astrology Doesn’t Impact the Success of Your Marriage

He married wives when he was 23 years old. But even this would give him a child of about 1 month old at the age of , but contrarily ShriKrishna had all the children quiet grown up by the time he was 60 years , this makes this feat even impossible. Also Shrikrishna was known to have been very close to Pandavas helping them across many places quiet far away from the Dwaraka , also HE did many other leelas in different parts and finally he is known to have spent full 18 days in Mahabharath war ,that makes the count even less.

Narada rishis had a similar doubt so he decided to inspect the love life. He went to each of the palace where his each wife was staying and there he found a Krishna living happily merrily in the company of his wife. This surprisingly was same at every of the palaces , at the same time HE was also found with the Pandavas , exclusively he granted time for his friends and other yadavas. He is the one who has shown entire bramhanda in his mouth to Yashoda He is omnipotent all pervasive He is infinite with infinite roopas.

So this feat of having 10 lakh progeny[sons and grandsons] is just infinitesimal compared to what he does in controlling entire UNiverse. Category: Astroanalysis , Astrology and purana , Bhavas , mahabharath , people and astrology , sadhana , yogas. Marriage Compatibility The compatibility between the couples should be based on Janma Rashi. Maitri[rashyadhipa] indicates friendship that would exist between the couples after the marriage.

age difference between couples astrology Age difference between couples astrology
age difference between couples astrology Age difference between couples astrology
age difference between couples astrology Age difference between couples astrology
age difference between couples astrology Age difference between couples astrology
age difference between couples astrology Age difference between couples astrology
age difference between couples astrology Age difference between couples astrology
age difference between couples astrology Age difference between couples astrology

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